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  • Crete - quality of life, diverse beauty, the place where everything is possible!
  • Crete - quality of life, diverse beauty, the place where everything is possible!
  • Crete - quality of life, diverse beauty, the place where everything is possible!
  • Crete - quality of life, diverse beauty, the place where everything is possible!

Welcome to Crete Properties For You!

Here at Crete Properties ForYou we are totally committed and dedicated to offer you the best possible customer service helping you through what should be an exciting time. Our aim is to inform you and advise you, to build a trustworthy relationship, and ultimately to provide you with your ideal property. Read more...

Testimonials - Real People, Real Results!

  • The agent Nikos was very professional, friendly and informative throughout the whole process, making the transaction very straightforward. He also introduced us to an excellent Greek lawyer who helped with translation, banking and utility services in addition to the purchase.

  • Nikos, thank you for doing such a perfect job, when you give us the chance, to buy our perfect house in Mirthios.From the beginning, till to the day we signed the contract, it was always a feeling of trust and friendship. Thank you, for all you have done for us!

  • Mr Sartzetakis was extremely helpful in answering our numerous enquiries over a period of three months as we weighed the pros and cons. Once we had finally taken our decision, things went so smoothly that it was all over in under a month. He always made us feel welcome.

  • Nikos immediately provided his professional opinion on what was needed to sell my house. He helped me to have several viewings and I had a good offer after a short time. I am very impressed with the job he has done. If I ever sell or buy a property again I will be contacting him only!

  • My dream was to buy a house in Crete to be able to spend a few months every year because I love this place. So, I contacted Crete Properties For You because I saw a lovely house on their website, which now is my house. Nikos is very experienced, efficient and honest.

  • Our Trip was a miracle of efficiency and determination. The first appointment with the wonderful Nikos Sartzetakis of Crete Properties For You was a full success. He showed us a small, but absolutely lovely house in the heart of Plakias – close to the Cosmos.

  • We are very very happy with your services. We had a good first feeling with our first contact and it appeared to be the correct feeling. Really appreciate your assistance. Very friendly, helpful and professional. Very quick response and always available for us. We felt trust and confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is property ownership secure in Crete?

The Registry of Mortgages is the State authority charged with securing property ownership. All property titles are held, and all encumbrances registered, there. Property is filed under the owner's name; lawyers/attorneys are entitled to check under the name of any individual or organisation. A thorough property title search here will uncover any/all extra hidden claims, covenants or charges attached to the property; it will also confirm the proper previous transfer of the property. This must always be done as part of the transactional process.

Who can purchase property in Greece/Crete?

EU citizens
Generally speaking, all EU citizens have the right to purchase property in Greece/Crete.
Non-EU citizens
Generally, Non-EU citizens have the right to purchase property in Greece/Crete. For details of current regulations, contact the Greek consulate or embassy in your home country.
Residence Permits for Non EU citizens
Greece can grant residence permits, for Non-EU citizens and their families with the acquisition of property worth more than 250.000 Euros [Read more]

Am I required to purchase property in my own name?

Not necessarily. You can purchase property in joint name, with spouse and/or other third parties, in the names of children, legal heirs or a company.

Do I need a Greek Tax Registration?

Yes. Anyone purchasing a property is required to have a Greek Tax Registration Number. You should apply to the local (Greek) tax office, with your passport/ID and sometimes birth certificate. Your appointed solicitor can make the application on your behalf, if you have granted him/her Power of Attorney.

Can I obtain a mortgage in Greece?

Yes. Each bank or financial institution may have its own stipulated requirements of the applicant; but generally, with your passport/ID, you will need to provide proof of earnings (P60's, payslips or tax returns if self employed) for 2-3 years. You should also bear in mind that you must be able to pay all closing costs before the bank will release any funds.

What is a Notary Public, and do I need one?

The Notary Public is a lawyer who represents the Greek government in the property purchase transaction. You must appoint a Notary or you will not be able to legally purchase a property. It is his/her responsibility to process and certify the transaction. He/she will draw up all the necessary legal documentation. The contracts must be signed in the presence of the Notary who must be happy that they have been read and understood by all parties.

Do I need a lawyer?

It is highly recommended to have legal representation throughout the transaction. Your lawyer is also responsible for carrying out the necessary legal surveys and property title search.

Do I need a Greek bank account?

Yes. You need a Greek bank account for the transfer of funds. Among other things this account shows that the money has come from an external country; and so is not subject to local taxation. Opening an account is usually easy. You will need to show your passport/ID and tax registration. It takes no time at all, and you are not required to make an opening deposit on the day.

Am I required to sign the contract personally?

Not necessarily. If you wish, your solicitor can sign on your behalf if you have granted him/her Power of Attorney.

What and how much are ‘closing costs'?

Closing costs include all legal expenses, fees and taxes. There is no set figure for this; but it is generally prudent to budget for an additional 9 - 12% as a guide for total purchase costs. You or your appointed representative should clarify this at the earliest opportunity.


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