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Our Services

keyWe believe that anyone can invest in a property regardless of activity or profession. The management of real estate, however, is a complex activity which is best handled by a professional.

With more than 15 years experience in the Cretan property market, we know the island, the market and diligent attention to our clients' need allow us to offer you:

  • A carefully selected portfolio of excellent property options
    Our properties are selected with the utmost care. Quality is always our top priority, and our mission is not only to place you in the home of your dreams, but also to find you a home which is in complete harmony with the Cretan landscape.

  • Legal advice
    As a lawyer with over ten years of experience, our legal associate is well versed in all the ins and outs of Greek property law, and comes highly recommended by foreign embassies and consulates from all over Greece.

  • Financial advice
    Our broad experience and expertise in business matters means we can offer you just the right advice. Our properties are always a good investment.

  • Technical support & building programs
    Through our cooperation with professional building companies and local builders, we can offer our clients a choice of various existing projects, or the possibility to design their own unique home.

  • After sales service & house management
    Our concern for our clients does not end with the sale or construction of your home. We also value maintaining an on-going relationship with our clients and are at your service to look after your home, pool and garden whenever you are abroad.


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