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Plakias Paradise Hill Development

Rethymno South Coast , Plakias

From €79,500

ID: Plakias Paradise Hill

From €79,500
Rethymno South Coast , Plakias


14 Plots of Land for Sale with build-to-order Villa Construction in Plakias, Rethymno, South Crete.

Plakias Paradise Hill is a unique development. It consists of 14 plots, sizes vary from 300m2 to 600m2. Each plot is sold separately including the construction and the design of the villa by Tractus Building Company.

The sloped landscape provides unobstructed sea view while at the same time the complex is less than 150 meters away from the center of Plakias village in the South of Rethymno. The closest beach is just 200 meters away, easily accessible by foot, while several others are minutes away by car. Plakias village is a tourist destination with wonderful beaches, taverns, cafes, supermarkets, pharmacies and spa centres.

The project's goal is to create a peaceful luxurious high-quality way of life for the residents of the complex. The villas are very affordable and are of different sizes, constructed with swimming pools as well as modern amenities. All villas will be designed with symmetry and harmony to compliment the surrounding natural environment. Dense villa construction will be avoided.

Plot #6 which was sold including the villa construction, is an example of the design and development that will ideally followed the rest of the villas.

Prospective Buyers:
Second home buyers: People who want convenience and a full featured vacation home in an exotic location.
Retirees: Retired professionals who seek a natural and serene environment with excellent food.
Investors: Investors who seek real estate high returns. Value of real estate in this location and generally on Crete is now growing steadily.
Mix of all: Buying house as a future investment, rent to tourists when available and enjoy holidays in your own home.

Project Location:
Plakias Village, South Rethymno, Crete.
The sloped landscape provides unobstructed sea view.
Development is less than 150 meters from the center of the village (taverns, cafes, supermarkets, pharmacies, spa centres etc.).
Beach is just 200 meters.

The Village - Plakias:
A serene Fishing Village
A rapidly Developing Tourist Destination
With Natural Beauty and Cretan Characteristics
With options for Restaurants, Bars and wonderful Beaches.

0,2km (Plakias) - 35km (Rethymno)
110km (Heraklion)


Map Information

The red marker shows the closest town or village where the property is located.
Not the exact location of the property.


Plot Layout

Plakias Paradise Hill development will be constructed on a plot of 6.443,80m2 overlooking the village of Plakias and the Libyan Sea.

Plot sizes vary from 300m2 to 600m2 with building area capacity ranging from 135m2 to 248m2.

011 16

Price List

Detailed Information about each Plot

011 16

Prices refer to the plot, do not include the construction of the villa.
For more information, please contact us.

Plot #1 - €87,500
Plot Area: 472.29m2, Building Area: 213,32m2.

Plot #2 - SOLD
Plot Area: 440.99m2, Building Area: 199.18m2.

Plot #3 - SOLD
Plot Area: 445.58m2, Building Area: 201.25m2.

Plot #4 - €88,900
Plot Area: 507.39m2, Building Area: 229.16m2.

Plot #5 - SOLD
Plot Area: 437.26m2, Building Area: 197.49m2.

Plot #6 - SOLD
Plot Area: 423.94m2, Building Area: 191.47m2.

Plot #7 - €79,500
Plot Area: 498.33m2, Building Area: 225.07m2.

Plot #8 - €96,500
Plot Area: 549.17m2, Building Area: 248.03m2.

Plot #9 - SOLD
Plot Area: 529.06m2, Building Area: 238.95m2.

Plot #10 - SOLD
Plot Area: 439.22m2, Building Area: 198.37m2.

Plot #11 - SOLD
Plot Area: 300.00m2, Building Area: 135.49m2.

Plot #12 - SOLD
Plot Area: 300.00m2, Building Area: 135.45m2.

Plot #13 - SOLD
Plot Area: 300.00m2, Building Area: 135.49m2.

Plot #14 - SOLD
Plot Area: 462.22m2, Building Area: 208.76m2.