Land with development potential in Mariou



Property ID: LA526

This 42,000m² plot of land located outside the village of Mariou, near Plakias, offers a prime investment opportunity due to its strategic hillside position with stunning views of the Libyan Sea.

Key Features:

  • Location:
    – Situated on a hillside outside Mariou, a traditional Cretan village.
    – Close proximity to Plakias, a popular coastal town known for its beautiful beaches and tourist amenities.
  • Size and Layout:
    – Total area of 42,000m²
    – The plot can be divided into three separate plots, which can increase flexibility for development and investment.
  • Utilities:
    – Water and electricity connections are conveniently located just behind the property, facilitating development.
  • Accessibility:
    – The land has a facade to a designated road.

Potential Use:

  • Residential Development:
    – The plot’s division into three parts allows for the creation of multiple residential properties. Each plot can offer substantial space for luxury villas or family homes with extensive gardens.
    – Given the scenic views and peaceful environment, the area is ideal for creating a high-end residential community.
  • Tourism Exploitation:
    – The proximity to Plakias, with its established tourist infrastructure, makes this plot perfect for developing tourist accommodation.
    – The stunning sea views and natural beauty of the location are significant selling points for attracting tourists.

Overall, this plot of land offers a versatile and highly attractive opportunity for various types of development, leveraging its natural beauty and strategic location near a thriving tourist destination.




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